Je eigen huiswijn

Als het aan de pas afgestudeerde designer Sabine Marcelis ligt, maakt iedereen binnenkort zijn eigen huiswijn. Of het werkt, weet ik niet, maar voor dit prachtig stukje design is er altijd plaats ten huize ‘Van de Water’.

HOUSE WINE from sabine marcelis on Vimeo.

Wine-making is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. However, the available equipment is bulky and aesthetically unappealing. Where the process is often hidden away from view in garages and basements. This is a real shame, as wine is a living, breathing entity which deserves an audience to witness it maturing.
HOUSE WINE is an all in one home-brew installation which celebrates the process of wine-making by bringing it into our living space. An installation which requires nurturing and care and exists as a calming presence in the home. Introducing improved functionality and ease of use coupled with aesthetic value.

Fotografie: © Sabine Marcelis

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08. January 2012 by Thomas
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